Traffic Calming Measures for Felthorpe

Felthorpe Parish Council has been looking at ways to manage traffic through the village. At the village fete this year we asked residents what their biggest concern were in the village. The answer was inequitably the traffic volume and speed through the village. As a result of this we have approached the Highways Department and have obtained outline approval for a traffic calming scheme in the village.

The proposal is for three road narrowings between Felthorpe car sales and 19 The Street. The road narrowings would give right of way in one direction, similar to those on Costessey Low Road.

As soon as plans are available you will be able to view and comment on them – please check the website regularly for more detail. In the meantime if you have any comments or concerns then please come to any Parish Council meeting or write to our Parish Clerk.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 8pm at the Pavilion (with the exception of January). Clerk contact details are [email protected] / 01603 527095.

2 Responses to Traffic Calming Measures for Felthorpe

  1. Lindy Platten-Jarvis says:

    I hope the restrictions on the Street will be successful.
    Can we not have access only for Taverham Road, please?
    The alternative route through the woods does not have a squeeze point.
    Going through the woods means avoiding the poor visibility exits at either end of Taverham Road.
    It takes no longer to take the woods route – trials done by Barry Connell – used to live at no 38.
    Alternative route doesn’t endanger lives of residents using the road.
    Any changes to the Reepham Road connection will also benefit Swannington Upgate.

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