Consultation – County Devolution Deal for Norfolk

Norfolk County Council are inviting you to have your say on the new County Deal for Norfolk.

This deal, agreed in principle with the government in December, would result in £600 million plus in funding for Norfolk that could unlock opportunities to deliver more jobs, housing and investment, with major powers and funding transferred from Westminster to Norfolk.

They want to hear what you think about the proposed deal and what you feel it means for Norfolk.

The public consultation, launched last week and open until the 20th of March, can be found at The consultation asks you for your opinion on the in-principle devolution agreement.

Under the deal, Norfolk would receive a £20 million investment fund every year for 30 years – that’s a total of £600 million in new investment. There would also be specific funding for integrated transport, brownfield development, adult education, and infrastructure, all of which would involve decisions being made locally on how to spend the money in Norfolk.

For further details on the deal and to take part in the consultation, please see

There is also a list of in-person events taking place across the county which are listed on the front of the consultation page.

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