• Oil Buying Consortium

    Felthorpe Parish Council joined an oil buying consortium ran by the Norfolk Rural Community Council from April 1st 2013.  The Parish Council agreed to pay the group membership fee on behalf of the village at its March meeting.

    The essential details of the scheme are:

    • Each group is set up on a community basis, with community usually being defined by the first part of the postcode plus the first digit of the second part – there is no minimum number of members needed to set up a local scheme.
    • The Parish Clerk will be the local co-ordinator and will provide registration forms to anyone in the community who wants to join (form also available to download on this website).  The name of the scheme, as asked for on the form, is just Felthorpe.
    • Prospective individual members then need to complete the registration form and send it to Norfolk Rural Community Council who run the scheme.
    • Individuals will need to provide their; name, address, email, phone number and identify a payment preference. They will also need to sign a data protection statement so this information can be passed between the local group, Norfolk RCC and AF Affinity. They will process this information and you should be able to order by the 1st working day of the next month. At this point you can start benefiting from the scheme but there is no obligation to buy.
    • Once registered, individual members can then place their orders by telephone whenever it suits them (unlike some other schemes that only allow orders at set intervals).  Any card payments will be held and adjusted to reflect any anomolies such as additional extra bulk discount or if your tank couldn’t accommodate your full order.
    • After 5.00pm on the 1st working day of the month, the bulk order price is negotiated for all orders received across the county.  If people urgently need oil and can’t wait for that they should ask for an urgent delivery but they won’t then get the bulk discount.
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